How does it work?

The Best Shirt Ever uses a high tech finishing process, which minimizes the amount of water or sweat the fabric will hold. This allows the garment to repel sweat and water, dry 40% faster than an untreated cotton shirt, and maintain cotton’s natural ability to breathe.

Does it breath? 

While most durable water repellant (DWR) shirts inhibit a shirts ability to breathe, the finishing process we use does not affect the natural ability of cotton fabrics to breathe and keep you cool. This allows the shirt to look AND feel like a designer quality button-down.

Will the finish wash off over time? 

Most DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finishing coatings wash out after only a few rinses in the washing machine. The Best Shirt Ever’s moisture repellent finishing process is 90% as effective after 10 washes, 80% as effective after 20 washes, and 70% as effective after 30 washes. It will stay at roughly 70% efficacy after 30 washes for the rest of the lifetime of the shirt.

How do I wash it? 

The shirt is machine washable and should be washed on the dry-tumble low setting. THE SHIRT CANNOT BE DRY CLEANED SO ONLY WASH IT IN THE MACHINE.

Is the fabric safe? 

The Storm Cotton finishing process has been rigorously tested by Cotton Incorporated and is safe to the skin.

Clickbait clothing? 

Naming a product is hard, so we ran online tests to see what our prospective customers liked. "The Best Shirt Ever" outperformed all the other names we came up with by a mile. When we asked ourselves why this was the case, we realized that the name was clickbait!

Instead of shying away from this realization, we decided to have a laugh and lean into it.

Clickbait Clothing - Clickbait that actually delivers!